Snark Hyper

Scale any machine learning pipeline from a single server to hundreds of
cloud instances with zero friction.


Run any local machine learning pipeline on a fleet of cloud instances without any change in your code. Zero hassles in data migration and environment setup for new cloud servers.

Any Framework

Compatible with any machine learning framework. Run large-scale computation on PetaBytes of data with any R / Python / Java / C++ code.


Unlimited persistent storage for all of your tasks. Never worried about hard drive filling up during the execution of your jobs. Scaling your task to thousands of CPUs and hundreds of GPUs with zero friction.


Cloud resource (CPU/GPU/RAM) utilization tracking and machine learning experiment analysis. Transparent overview of your cloud spending for each of your task.

Separation of Persistent Data Storage and Elastic Compute Fleet.

  • Your code base and data stay in persistent storage which is cost efficient (~20$/TB per month) and infinitely scalable.
  • The persistent storage can be mount as local folders to each new cloud instance saving the trouble of data migration and environment setup.
compute and data isolation
manifestfor experiments

Execute Parameterized Commands Across a Fleet of Cloud Instances

  • Hyper-parameter Search. Run machine learning training with different hyper-parameters on different cloud instances.
  • Batch Prediction. Run any trained model on Petabytes of data across a fleet of cloud instances in parallel. Instant model evaluation on any big dataset.
  • Feature transformation. Compute features from Petabytes of raw data across thousands of cloud instances in parallel. Never limited to Spark libraries anymore. Use any R / Python / other package available.

Machine Learning Experiment Tracking and Insight Analysis

  • Track and evaluate thousands of models and quickly surface the best-performing ones across your organization.
  • Automatic model reporting tools.
  • Monitor the CPU/GPU/RAM utilization of each cloud resource.
analytics for training
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